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Corporate days

Rainbow Seeker has been the venue for corporate activities for organisations operating in the mass media, medical and financial services industries in recent years. Not the stressful `race` days commonly offered but relaxing days to say thank you to your clients.

A gentle day sail with a quality lunch to your specification whilst at anchor in Gower can be a real treat. Hotel accommodation can be added to the package if your clients have to travel far.

for those who like a mild competitive spirit, guests can be divided into two watches and contests such as man-over-board recovery can be organised. (No volunteers required!!)

Rainbow Seeker will take six day guests comfortably. Seven people plus skipper can be accommodated given sailing competence amongst the crew.

Shorebased activities including golf and horse riding can be added and the blend of water based activities can include trips in high speed RIBs. So your clients can sail out and power back or vice versa!

What is included?
Rainbow Seeker, skipper and crew
All food and drink on board to your specification
Sailing suits except footwear

Costs £ 125 from per person

Additional activities including golf, horse riding, surfing, high speed RIBs. 
Photographer and hotel accommodation.


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